Serge Gainsbourg | Melody

The Rolls’ wings brushed against poles
When despite myself off my path
We arrived my Rolls and I in a dangerous
Zone, an isolated place

Down there, on the hood of this Silver Ghost
From Nineteen hundred and ten moves forward like a scout
The silver Venus on the radiator
Whose light wings fly in advance.

Haughty, disdainful, while the radio
Screams covering the motor’s silence
She stares at the horizon and her mind elsewhere
Seems to be unaware of the sidewalks I run over

Alleys, dead-ends and no parking
Zones, an indifferent heart
She holds the reins of my twenty-six horse power

Princess of shadows, cursed archangel
Modern style Amazon that the sculptor
In English, named Spirit of Ecstasy

And so I was messing around before losing
Control of the Rolls. I moved forward slowly
My car swerved and a violent thud
Tore me suddenly from my daydreams. Shit!

I saw a bicycle tire up ahead,
That kept on spinning,
And like a doll that loses its balance
Her skirt pulled up on her white underpants

"What’s your name?"
"Melody what?"
"Melody Nelson"

Melody Nelson has red hair
And it’s her natural color.